About us

Who we are

Lars Hartzell and Anders Elmér, who were something of pioneers in the field of employment law, founded Elmzell in 1988. Employment law was a rather unknown discipline among law firms at that time but now, 30 years later, employment law is a well-established practice area in many law firms. We have always practised employment law as our core business. This has given the firm invaluable experience and opportunity to build important networks. We believe that is necessary, by a serious player who wishes to give advice in all aspects of employment law. We therefore dare to say: Employment law is all we know.

Our ambition is to always do our best for our clients and be the natural choice for all employment law advice. We shall make the law understandable for everyone we meet in our work. We shall be able to translate difficult legal issues into practical, concrete and solution-driven advice to our clients.

We are a closely-knit workforce, all of whom are enthusiastic about giving our clients the best advice possible. Elmzell shall also have a reputation for providing high-quality advice, both among clients but also other experts on the labour market.  What also characterizes us as a smaller "boutique firm" is our availability and personal approach to our clients.

To live up to our values ​​this is not enough just to know the law. Solving complex labour law matters also requires long experience, and a comprehensive network both nationally and internationally. We shall have a deep understanding of the clients' businesses and needs as well as good knowledge of the labour market and its players. Because our work is mainly about dealing with people in different ways, it also requires a certain personality and ability to look after both business and human aspects.

 CSR and sustainability 

We aim to become your company's long-term partners in the work on CSR and sustainability, where employment law and regulations are included as an obvious part. Such work includes, for example, a safe working environment that is free from bullying and sexual harassment and work towards diversity and gender equality at the workplace. Codes of conducts should be in place and employees should be aware of and comply with these codes.

We take great care of our own CSR and sustainability work which focus on a sustainable working life for our employees.


Elmzell, as well as our individual lawyers, are top-ranked by the best-known ranking lists, such as Legal 500, Chambers and Who’s Who.

Elmzell has been top-ranked by Chambers, which states:

"Boutique employment firm that draws on its long experience to provide advice on many different topics. Renowned for its track record in employment litigation, handling disputes pertaining to bullying and harassment, restrictive covenants and trade secrets. Also knowledgeable in reorganisations, redundancies and terminations, including settlement agreements. Further expertise concerning the transfer of employees and businesses, including trade union consultations in relation to collective bargaining agreements and pensions."

Elmzell has also been top-ranked by Chambers, which states:

"Boutique firm handles the full range of employment matters including trade union negotiations, large-scale employment policy reviews, senior-level remuneration issues and disciplinary proceedings. Practice head Jenny Hellberg advises on terminations and transfers, while typical contentious instructions for the team include trade secrets litigation and misconduct proceedings. As a member of Ius Laboris, a global network of employment practices, the group also assists clients with cross-border matters including pensions law advice."

Lars Hartzell is ranked as a 'Senior statespesion' by Chambers, stating that he "has an outstanding track record in the field of employment law."

"Jenny Hellberg provides advice on HR and labour law to domestic and international clients. Sources describe her as 'an incredibly talented lawyer who is excellent at resolving labour issues, reconciling both the legal and human perspectives. In addition, she has an exceptionally good way of explaining legal issues to her clients. I highly recommend her.' Her recent mandates include cross-border matters and M&A-related issues."


Global assistance

Elmzell is the Swedish member of Ius Laboris, a leading international alliance of law firms specializing in employment law. With over 1,400 lawyers located in around 50 countries throughout more than 160 cities across the world, the alliance offers high quality advice with the maximum knowledge of the local jurisdiction – event at a global level – and manages transnational projects, guaranteeing consistency, quality, speed and efficiency.

Clients include many household names as well as multinational companies in all sectors ranging from energy to retail to pharmaceuticals.