Working with Elmzell

The diversity of lawyers enriches us and makes us strong.
A common thread brings Elmzell's lawyers together: a passion for labour and employment law.
If you feel the same, then come and join Elmzell Advokatbyr

Work with us

Elmzell is one of Sweden's leading employment law firms. Our aim is to develop and expand our practice and we are therefore always interested in speaking with lawyers with a specific interest in employment law.

In order to be considered for employment with us, you need both specific employment law qualifications and, since we work with many foreign clients, strong English language skills. In addition to having formal academic and employment experience, we also appreciate when our employees possess the social skills which are necessary to be successful business advisors.

We also welcome applications from new law graduates with a specific interest in employment law and who are interested in internships.

We know that our employees' satisfaction is a fundamental prerequisite to allowing us to provide our clients with professional advice. As a result, we take pains to foster and cultivate our employees and also generally to provide both a good work environment and competitive employment terms and conditions. Our goal is to involve all of our lawyers in the international projects in which we are involved through the lus Laboris alliance. In addition to the ordinary lus Laboris projects, we endeavour to provide our lawyers with the opportunity for foreign internships at some of the other law firms in the alliance.

Please feel free to submit an application, consisting of a personal letter and CV. Address your application to Jenny Hellberg and send it either by posting it to Elmzell Advokatbyrå AB, Rehnsgatan 11, 113 57 Stockholm or emailing it to

If you would like more information about what a career at Elmzell might mean to you, please feel free to contact us at any time.