VQ Legal

VQ Legal is an intelligent and efficient solution for creating all relevant documents in Swedish or English for a specific legal matter, and is being used by many law firms, audit firms and other companies.

The difference between VQ Legal and other template document providers is the intelligent assembly of the document and the ability to create multiple tailor made, high qualitative documents with information entered just once with the aid of relevant questions and replies. The content is regularly updated and quality checked by Elmzells’ lawyers to ensure that the service is top class.

We are also proud to have a cooperation with Sweden's HR association which offers their 7,000 members a unique access to VQ Legal as a part of their memberships. 

Please contact Jenny Hellberg, lawyer at Elmzell, if you would like to have more information about VQ Legal or if you would like to try the service. More detailed information about the service can be found at www.vqlegal.se.