Nordic HR Seminar 2024

About the seminar

For 15 years, Elmzell has had the pleasure of inviting our colleagues from Denmark, Finland and Norway for a full day seminar covering various HR-law topics of interest for HR professionals working with a Nordic dimension.

This year, our main topics will be HR-law challenges in recruitment situations where we will speak about discrimination issues, AI, background checks, GDPR and a practical, hands-on approach to restructuring/redundancy – the most common pitfalls in a redundancy process. We will also share the hottest topics in each country at the moment, for example the upcoming pay transparency regulations.

During this day you will not only enjoy the nice venue of IVAR and tasting their famous Swedish fika but also have the opportunity to meet other HR-colleagues also working with HR on a Nordic level.

We look forward seeing you in Stockholm on 2 September 2024!


  • Introducing Ius Laboris
  • HR-law challenges in recruitment situations
    - Discrimination claims – what do you need to be aware of when recruiting?
    - AI can add great value to the recruitment process - but what are the legal challenges?
    - Background checks – can you do it and what about the outcome?
    - GDPR from a recruitment perspective
  • The most common pitfalls in a redundancy process
    - Do's and Dont's, Tips and tricks
  • Hot HR-law topics in the Nordics


Time: 09:30 am to 5:00 pm (Europe/Stockholm), coffee is served at 09:30 and seminar starts at 10:00

Fee: 2 000 SEK / 200 € which includes a full day seminar as well as “Swedish fika” and lunch.

The fee will be invoiced by Elmzell in advance of the seminar.

Location: IVAR, Västra Trädgårdsgatan 15, Stockholm

The seminar will be held in English

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Jenny Hellberg
Partner - Sweden
Yvonne Frederiksen
Partner - Denmark
Norrbom Vinding
Suvi Knaapila
Partner - Finland
Dittmar & Indrenius
Claude A. Lenth
Partner - Norway
Advokatfirmaet Hjort
Christian Thorborg Pedersen
Associate - Denmark
Norrbom Vinding

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